Launch Collective Action.

Start a Neighborhood Project, Together.

Fund Independent Journalism Together.

Catalyze a movement Together.

Start your Common

Anyone can create a Common, invite their friends, and work together to achieve a common goal. Common enables large groups of people to collaborate on shared agendas by pooling funds and collectively making decisions.

Commons are fully-transparent, including all decisions and funds.
Declare a goal, pool funds, vote on decisions and expenses.
Any member can propose projects and use of shared funds.

Leverage trust and transparency to galvanize massive action.

The goal of Common is to support large communities that wish to collaborate on simple, and well-defined agendas.

Humanity's greatest achievements were made by massive collaborations. Common empowers groups to collaborate with no single organizer.  And when every member gets an equal part in every step of the process, we enter a new era of trust and collaboration.

What's Calling You?

You can start a common for any shared agenda such as...

Catalyze a Movement
Raise Awareness
Start a Neighbourhood Project
Coordinate Volunteering Work
Fund Independent
The sky is the limit...

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